To ride wild wings, take risks

and walk the edges.

WildHoney offers an experience of joy and wonder…where dreams emerge from the cracks in humanity and unfold into fantasy and otherworldly magics… where reality blurs and shines….where the performance invites you to be part of it’s theatre on legs.
Be it interactive street theatre and mobile STILTWALKING acts, community productions, dance workshops, parades or press shoots, WildHoney will serve up a sweet tasty feast for the eyes and hearts!

“…. inspiring, daring, wonderfully creative”



WinterWild Apollo Bay

“….absolutely outstanding performances bringing a new and fantastic feature to our festival.”



Birregurra Festival


“….performance art that transforms a show into a truly magical and memorable production.



enLIGHTen Me, Birregurra

“….What joy and wonder you and your team created.”



Barking Spider Visual Theatre