The WildHoney Story

WildHoney was born out of the Otways in 2018. It is a small, humming hive of creatives that produces highly visual and interactive acts for street theatre and outdoor performances. Each member brings a unique and high level of professional expertise and epic skills to the fold, and together they share a deep commitment to creating wild beauty, and a manifestation of the divine. These artists specialise in stilt walking, street theatre, community productions and workshops, with a focus on costumery and illumination. The philosophy “Give light, and people will find the way” shines throughout the works.

WildHoney has become a unique brand and wonderful way to showcase and develop the talent of the Otways.

To ride wild wings, take risks

and walk the edges.

WildHoney is an evolving and dynamic platform for Artists at play, to share space and ideas and occasionally drink wine.

Our mission at WildHoney is to develop a strong and resilient arts culture in our community and beyond. To evoke the wild heart of nature, fire the imagination and shine wonderment into the hearts of people young and old, far and wide. To provide a platform and Wild Hive where Artists can come together to diversify their practices and self-expression, and create performance works with a deeper layer and meaning. Where Artists can witness the beauty of collaboration in its purest form, and bring people together through artistic experiences.
Eloise Wood Roderick Poole WildHoney The Elementals Rebecca Hosking Photography
How did this rural ensemble come to be, and why the name WildHoney….?

The first seed was planted when dance and performance artist Eloise (Elle) Wood was invited to co-design and choreograph a performance project with a group of local Artists with various backgrounds for the WinterWild Festival in the Victorian Otways in 2017. The artists shared an amazing alchemy and the performance was a huge success. Shortly after, Elle was asked to direct a follow up show at the festival finale weekend. It was here that her vision and the seed began to germinate, grow and accelerate as she called the same core group together.
What was meant to be a one-off show went on to become much, much more…

WildHoney is led by founder and Artistic Director Elle and Artistic Designer, Maker and partner Hoya Wolfgang. The name and concept originally embodied Elle’s expression as a performer, her relationship with the natural world, its cycles, and to continue developing Art with a deeper meaning, philosophy and wild spirit. What began as a solo expression took root and evolved into a Hive of Artists with a shared passion and commitment. Its first official production was part of the event “Birregurra BallyHoo Ball” Enlighten me Project. Elle and Hoya were among the selected artists from the region to produce works for the event. Elle conceived the initial performance concept and brought together the newly formed WildHoney team, musicians and lighting technicians to produce a celestial themed stilt walking extravaganza called The Illuminates. It was here she introduced stilts to the group and the rest is ….up, up and away!

A portal had opened. The performance was a sell-out, and it was evident WildHoney was destined for great things

Working with the Community is also at the heart of the WildHoney story. This can be seen through its involvement and partnership in the WinterWild Apollo Bay festival. WinterWild played a pivotal role in its early formation and has continued to provide a platform for new works. Elle and Director Roderick Poole formed a powerhouse relationship and have collaborated on the festival’s ‘Dog Watch’ event since 2017. Together they have presented hugely successful performances such as Redemption-Immolation, and The Sacrifice and Candescence, which have highlighted the works of the Hive. Roderick has gone on to perform with WildHoney independently as a stilt walker and collaborator.

Since then WildHoney has grown and expanded with new productions, workshops and community productions for various festivals and events. A highlight was Melbourne White Night festival choosing to feature its stiltwalking act “The Elementals” at the official Media Launch with Martin Foley Minister for Creative Industries and White Night Artistic Director David Atkins. The work was also included in the program for Sensory Realm 2019 over three nights.

And from here the story continues to unfold into new dreams and manifestations.

Meet the WildHoney Hive

WildHoney Creators Elle and Hoya

From the initial spark of inspiration, to the artistic design and making of the props, if you witness WildHoney close up and personal you will see the life work of Elle and Hoya, and the culmination of decades of dedication to their practice in the Arts. In this reincarnation Elle is the style and visual creator and Hoya brings it too life with his clever hands. However, whether it’s artistic leader, visual artist, conceptual designer, or maker…who cares, they take it in turns and the roles are shared. They give each other the space and trust to develop independently but each brings a unique flavour to the table that is original and dynamic. This duo and partner team, in real life, have worked together in various outfits of all shapes and sizes for over 20 + years.