“Something is stirring…”


ELEVATE was a magical project of hope and connection offering community workshops in stiltwalking, large-scale puppetry, storytelling, dance and pop-up performances across three locations in the Colac Otway Region, Victoria in 2022. The project was funded by Creative Victoria and Regional Arts Australia, and sponsored by Colac Otway Arts Trail.

ELEVATE engaged 11 creative practitioners, 3 youth arts assistants, and 6 personnel to carefully craft and bring the project to life. Creative PODD groups (play opportunity, design and development) were formed and lead by artistic director and project manager Eloise Wood. The weekend program SOLD OUT in host towns Barwon Downs, Apollo Bay and Gellibrand with over 50 participants attending the weekends. The Finale event was in conjunction with Colac Otway Expo weekend where over 600 audience members enjoyed the Giants performance in the Botanic Gardens and Lake Foreshore.

“It was an otherworldly experience as you step into the character you had created. You were taken on a journey of self discovery and imagination. I really enjoyed this experience; it felt like a safe place to explore myself and the world”
Giants Name – Greta . What treasure is your Giant looking for? Connection to the land. Belonging

Sarah – Apollo Bay, Age 14,

I loved being a part of the Elevate workshops because it is really creative and fun. My favourite parts were painting and decorating the Giant mask and coming up with the story about our giant. I also really enjoyed learning how to walk on stilts. I really liked the final performance- it was really pretty and fun being at the gardens. Thank you.

 Ellen Standish – Barwon Downs, Age 11


ELEVATE video links

Panther Tales Productions

Rebecca Hosking Photography

YouTube :
ELEVATE promo  https://youtu.be/IuPvvbtFMMs
ELEVATE Walking with Giants Finale Promo https://youtu.be/r3XH3nqI3tI

ELEVATE Launch and virtual school incursion
– GALLERY Green Woman https://youtu.be/SDmqH8xI-CI
– GALLERY The PANTHEON  https://youtu.be/V0Kb4ci-yf0
– REEL – The Pantheon  https://youtu.be/Il_89cgFOzQ
– FILM Elementals at the Reservoir https://youtu.be/kthzUh1Twcw
– GALLERY The Elementals https://youtu.be/A61PqdVSguc
– GALLERY Behind The Scenes  https://youtu.be/EWDKfit2dnw
– FILM  Behind The Scenes https://youtu.be/2scRzoWLwls
– GALLERY– The Chimera & The Keeper https://youtu.be/ERh56N9l3Ws

Gallery – ELEVATE Finale, Lake Colac, April 9th, 2022

Rebecca Hosking Photography

Gallery – ELEVATE Creatives & Crew

Rebecca Hosking Photography

Gallery – ELEVATE Finale, Pre-Performance

Rebecca Hosking Photography

Gallery – Green Woman Promo Shoot

Rebecca Hosking Photography

Gallery – Behind The Scenes & Elementals –
St Marys School Incursion

Rebecca Hosking Photography

Gallery – ELEVATE Workshop & Pop-up Performance – Apollo Bay

Photography – Panther Tales Productions

Gallery – ELEVATE Workshop – Barwon Downs

Jade Forest Photography

Gallery – ELEVATE Pop-up Performance – Barwon Downs

Photos Anne Morley

Gallery – ELEVATE Workshop and Pop-up Performance – Gellibrand

Rebecca Hosking Photography

Barwon Downs Workshop – image Jade Forest