“Something is stirring…”


 WildHoney proudly presents ELEVATE, a magical new project of hope and connection offering community workshops in stiltwalking, large-scale puppetry, storytelling, dance and pop-up performances across three locations in Colac Otway Region, Victoria in 2022.
ELEVATE launched with a virtual incursion
and artist talk at St Marys Primary School Colac on December 01, 2021.
ELEVATE Workshops in Wonderment took place in Apollo Bay, Barwon Downs and Gellibrand in March/April 2022.


ELEVATE concluded with “Walking With Giants”
finale pop-up performance at the Colac Botanical Gardens on April 09, 2022.

ELEVATE video links

Panther Tales Productions

Rebecca Hosking Photography

YouTube :
ELEVATE promo  https://youtu.be/IuPvvbtFMMs
ELEVATE Walking with Giants Finale Promo https://youtu.be/r3XH3nqI3tI

ELEVATE Launch and virtual school incursion
– GALLERY Green Woman https://youtu.be/SDmqH8xI-CI
– GALLERY The PANTHEON  https://youtu.be/V0Kb4ci-yf0
– REEL – The Pantheon  https://youtu.be/Il_89cgFOzQ
– FILM Elementals at the Reservoir https://youtu.be/kthzUh1Twcw
– GALLERY The Elementals https://youtu.be/A61PqdVSguc
– GALLERY Behind The Scenes  https://youtu.be/EWDKfit2dnw
– FILM  Behind The Scenes https://youtu.be/2scRzoWLwls
– GALLERY– The Chimera & The Keeper https://youtu.be/ERh56N9l3Ws

Gallery – ELEVATE Finale, Lake Colac, April 9th, 2022

Rebecca Hosking Photography

Gallery – ELEVATE Creatives & Crew

Rebecca Hosking Photography

Gallery – ELEVATE Finale, Pre-Performance

Rebecca Hosking Photography

Gallery – Green Woman Promo Shoot

Rebecca Hosking Photography

Gallery – Behind The Scenes & Elementals –
St Marys School Incursion

Rebecca Hosking Photography

Gallery – ELEVATE Workshop & Pop-up Performance – Apollo Bay

Photography – Panther Tales Productions

Gallery – ELEVATE Workshop – Barwon Downs

Jade Forest Photography

Gallery – ELEVATE Pop-up Performance – Barwon Downs

Photos Anne Morley

Gallery – ELEVATE Workshop and Pop-up Performance – Gellibrand

Rebecca Hosking Photography


ELEVATE is a magical project of hope and connection, and offers an experience in place-making and myth-telling activities through the creation of Giant puppets who roam the Otways in search of hidden treasure.
The project inspiration is deeply rooted in landscape and our relationship with its more than human inhabitants. It peers into the cracks and fissures beneath moss and stone. It re-awakens nature spirits, guardians of the land and heals the world through Fairy Tales.
Myth, legend and folklore will be explored as well as local cultural stories and our own inner landscapes.
By actively participating in the re-creation of place and storytelling, the community will reconnect and rebuild after a long and difficult journey endured from the impact of Covid-19 in 2020 -2021.
ELEVATE builds on a pilot project developed in conjunction with the Colac Otway Arts Trail (COAT) in 2019 “The Birth of Light” which engaged community in workshops and performance.

It represents a large scale piece in the tradition of European Street Theatre, a form which is entirely novel within the Shire.


WildHoney’s dream is to teach our community and their children skills they would otherwise never have access to. ELEVATE will visit three locations across the Colac Otway Region in March 2022. The workshops will be available to a broad range of people aged 10+ with a maximum of 15 participants per town and neighbouring areas (total 45), and will run over three weekends. There will be encouragement to sign up in pairs for the introduction to stiltwalking workshop and an overall shared experience. Each participant will have the opportunity to join the pop-up performance at the end of each workshop.

WEEKEND WORKSHOP – $25 per person

Ages 10+    Limited places, book now to avoid disappointment.


● March 05 – 06, 2022 Apollo Bay


● March 19 – 20, 2022 Barwon Downs


● April 02 – 03, 2022 Gellibrand




● 10am – 12pm Creative Storytelling and Characters

● 1pm – 5pm Puppet and Mask Making


● 10am – 2pm Introduction to Stiltwalking

● 2pm – 3pm Creative Dance and Puppetry

● 3:30pm – 4:pm Rehearsals 

● 4pm – 4:30pm Pop-up Performance

● 5:00 pm – Finish 




 ELEVATE’s finale performance “Walking with Giants” will showcase at Colac Botanical Gardens on April 09, 2022 for the Colac Otway Arts Trail.


Workshop participants from each town will bring the character they have created  in the weekend workshop and join WildHoney performers for the finale performance.


The Giants will gather for the Great Treasure Hunt through the Gardens and Lake Foreshore.
“Bring a picnic, find a treasure!”


Walking with Giants will be live-streamed as a YouTube Premiere which will increase the ability to view the piece as well as provide a Covid safe delivery option.


WildHoney is a child safe organisation.

ELEVATE – Walking With Giants is proudly supported by

Barwon Downs Workshop – image Jade Forest