Mask Making Workshop

Mask-making is a great way to tap into creativity and self-expression, and allows you to feel more confident and alive!

Join creatives Hoya Wolfgang, and Eloise Wood for a fun-filled journey into the enchanting and ancient art form of Mask Making. Express your true self or create a whimsical dream character in this hands-on workshop that celebrates individuality, and invites you to explore your inner most desires and hidden qualities.

WildHoney offer a range of Mask Making techniques from beginners to advanced, and provide materials and styles to mould and shape form, from organic to shimmering.

Expect to get messy!

In a good way

“The mask of truth, for to wear it is to look inward- toward a true reflection of yourself.

Yet some of us can bear to hold the mask for only one brief glimpse.”

Brian Froud

History of Mask Making

The art of Mask Making dates back thousands of years through various cultures, and ancient civilisations.  The earliest use of masks was for rituals and ceremonies, and the oldest found mask is from 7000 BC.

Dip and delve into the mysterious and fascinating wonderment of Mask Making.

What you will learn

We offer a range of styles and techniques from beginner to advanced sessions.

What you will get

Expert tuition from seasoned creative minds and master makers. We provide all the necessary materials, and offer a range of styles to help you mould and shape your masks, whether you’re aiming for an organic, earthy look or a shimmering, fantastical creation.

What to bring

Stay hydrated! Water Bottles are a good idea, and healthy snacks or lunch to keep your creative energy firing!

What to wear

Expect to get messy- in a good way! We recommend wearing old clothing or bring along an art smock.
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