Stiltwalking Mobile Act

Gaze into the night sky and make a wish…dip into the wild ocean.
These mysterious Elementals will enchant, give celestial blessings and transport.
Whatever you need to light your night.
Eloise Wood Roderick Poole WildHoney The Elementals Rebecca Hosking Photography

The Elementals is a roving, two person stilt performance that can be performed night or day, indoors or out and to a wide demographic ranging from small children to adults. The eye-catching costumes reference the undersea world of bioluminescence and the shimmering beauty of fish.
A spectacular feature of the costumes is the large wings or fins that not only form a visual highlight, but are used to create wonderful choreography. A highlight is the ‘blessing’ of individual audience members or couples, when the performers enshroud them in the wings and create an intimate and unforgettable moment.

The performance works well during daylight hours, but really comes alive after sunset with the inbuilt LED lighting accentuating the choreography and drawing audience members from afar.

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