Stilt Requirements

The WildHoney Stilt Performers are easy to work with and adaptable to a great range of environments. We can walk comfortably in crowds, indoors and out, can squeeze through doorways, navigate a wide range of surfaces and can tough it out in most weather.

Here is a guideline to what we do and don’t need

Stilt Up
WildHoney works with tall stilts. We often get asked how we get up and down! To get up on our stilts we need to sit somewhere higher than a table. Often a chair on a table, a car roof or a packing crate will do the trick. If there is nothing around, you can help us by providing a large box, some chairs and sturdy table.

Each of the WildHoney stilt characters measures approx 3.2  metres in total height (depending on the costume). We are also often wide. Please take this into account when booking and check the height of your ceiling, decor and other areas where rigging is hung.

Performance Area
When presenting Mobile Acts, the Stilt Performers need enough room to move comfortably between people and a large flat, dry area to walk in.
If performing at night, please ensure there is an adequately lit pathway to and from the Performance area.

A Stage Manager must be present at all times. This entails the safety of the Stilt Performers and public during our performance. We require a safe distance to be maintained at all times unless the performers invite the audience members into the act.


Surface requirements
The WildHoney Stilt Performers cannot perform on wet, slippery, muddy or deep sandy surfaces. Any sign of liquid on a glossy surface is extremely hazardous to stilt walkers.

The WildHoney Stilt Performers cannot walk up or down long flights of steps. Please make sure that the pathway between backstage and performance does not involve steps and that they can avoid steps in the performance zone.

Dressing Rooms
A dressing room must be supplied as close to the performance area as possible. Whilst this room does not have to be high, it must be private, have power, drinking water, lighting, 2 x trestle tables, 3 x chairs, bin, heater/cooling if available, costume hanging rack, and good access to performance site and toilet facilites.

Rain, Heat and Gale Force Winds
The WildHoney performers cannot perform in rain, extreme heat ( 34 degrees +) or gale force winds. WildHoney will be at the event (unless cancelled) and wait to be rescheduled (by negotiation) on the day of performance. If there is no possibility of performance (and those appearances are cancelled) WildHoney will invoice for 100% of the total fee.