Stiltwalking Workshop 

Ever wanted to learn how to walk on stilts,

Walk the edge, have some fun?

Be guided by our delightful Hive of experienced
Facilitators and Performers. 


WildHoney runs workshops for primary and secondary schools, universities, individuals, organisations, festivals, mixed ability groups and more…

A transformative workshop designed to enhance
Creativity, Imagination, Self-expression, and Joy. 

Feel on top of the world with this exciting new workshop by WildHoney. Learning to walk on stilts is a transformative experience for all ages. Interacting with the world from a different height offers a fresh and unique perspective on life and is beneficial on so many levels including coordination, cognitive and physical development, balance, confidence, self-esteem, strength, and trust building, and is highly interactive.

En-Heighten- Me!
Warning – once you are up you may never want to come down!
This workshop is perfect for beginners.
Ages 8 – 100 years

Brief History of Stiltwalking

The ancient art form of stiltwalking has been striding through history and legend for thousands of years. Archaeological ruins and texts show stiltwalking practices dating back to 6th century BCE in ancient Greece. Many cultures considered it a sacred practice for celebrating growth, blessing the crops, and warding off bad spirits, the term “Moko Jumbie” used for stilt dancers in Africa literally translates as healer spirit.
The seaside region of Les Landes became famous for stiltwalking due to the soggy nature of the land and surrounds. French Shepherds used them to tend their flocks, as well as entire villages as a means of transport.

Stiltwalking traditions continue to stride into the heart of carnivals and festivals globally where masses gather with wide eyes to watch the “tall people” tower above the crowd. “There’s magic in stilts” said Joe Bowen, a man who walked 5000 kilometres across America setting a world record in 1980. To this day Sri Lankan fishermen still use stilts to perch above the surf.

Whatever form it takes Stiltwalking is an extraordinary act of joy, and WildHoney is deeply committed and delighted to share this transformative experience.

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“I found it challenging at first, but after facing my fears, I felt so comfortable and never wanted to take the stilts off again.”

Alex – age 13

“I really enjoyed stiltwalking, I felt so tall and powerful. I loved getting up on the higher stilts and I think it was a really special experience”.

Ellen – Age 12

“Elle and crew were very supportive and helped me achieve something that I wasn’t sure I could do…they patiently encouraged me to elevate off the ground on stilts!! I’m not naturally a risk taker but once I started I felt comfortable to learn how to fall, even from a height! It was a wonderful experience and I’m so grateful to WildHoney for their gentle guidance and support to try something like this even at my ripe age.”

Kyla – Age 54

Workshop Description

In this session participants will explore the art of stiltwalking, balance, movement and how to fall safely. The session is facilitated by WildHoney’s lead stilt performance artists Eloise Wood and Hoya Wolfgang.

What you will learn

Good grounding in stilt skills, balance and safety

What you will get

Expert tuition from experienced performers and facilitators

What to bring

Enthusiasm, water bottle and healthy snack

What to wear

Whatever you are comfortable and can move freely in. Closed footwear. 
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