Mobile Acts Information

Non-verbal Street Theatre
WildHoney doesn’t use spoken word but relies on movement and visual stimuli as a key technique of storytelling and communication, making it accessible and super friendly to all walks of life.

Relaxed Performances
WildHoney offers specially adapted performances for adults and children who might benefit from a more relaxed experience, i.e. low stimulus, non-verbal. This type of performance specifically appeals to people with autism, communication disorders, learning difficulties and dementia.

Audio and Live Sound
WildHoney mobile acts generally operate without sound, however a pre-recorded soundtrack can be provided on request.

Stage Lighting
The costumes are designed with inbuilt lights for outdoor street performances and therefore don’t require external lighting.

Performance Duration
WildHoney mobile acts are performed as 20 minute sets – this is flexible and can be tailored and repeated throughout the event. The performers take a break for a minimum of 20 minutes between sets.

WildHoney has Public Liability Insurance.

WildHoney mobile acts are variable and dependent on factors such as performance duration, number of performers, travel, accommodation, and per diems. Please contact us for a full price list or quote.