Stiltwalking Mobile Act

In meadows green, where wildflowers sway, She weaves her spells, both night and day. A creature of the woods, a sprite so sly, She beckons you with a gleam in her eye.

Eloise Wood WildHoney The Illuminates Rebecca Hosking Photography

The Green Woman is a captivataing and cheeky solo stilt-walking act that works well both day and night. With tangled hair of moss and ferns, she embodies the essence of the wild feminine and Celtic nature spirits. Fall under her spell as she glides gracefully from bough to bough with her enchanting dance. Emerald leaf wings come to life after dusk and illuminate like a sea of jewels, reminding us to protect and cherish our precious natural world.

Behold this mythical being, a playful protector who intertwines with the natural world, evoking wonder and the need for its preservation.

*Please note this act can include up to three Giant stiltwalking puppets on request. Get in touch for more information.

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