Stiltwalking Mobile Act

Weaving starlight on a sea of dreams.
The Illuminates cast an enchantment of wonder and delight.
Turn them on, see the glow of their hearts.
As moons rise, set and eclipse their night flight.
Eloise Wood WildHoney The Illuminates Rebecca Hosking Photography

The Illuminates is a roving, two or three person sculptural performance that can be performed day or night, indoors or out and to a wide demographic ranging from children to adults. Inspired by French street theatre, the spectacular costumes reference giant celestial lanterns and larger than life moon people. Wonderful choreography is created as they float in orbit and their hearts glow red and become illuminated for the first time. The audience is mesmerised as these wondrous, otherworldly figures glide seemingly on air in graceful formations with their shimmering orbs and shining hearts.  The performance has a dream like quality and works beautifully during daylight hours, but really comes alive after sunset with the inbuilt LED lighting accentuating the choreography and drawing audience members from afar.

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