The Red Priestess

Mobile Act

Slip between the veils…
Be transported into a realm of ritual and ceremony.

The Red Priestess is a versatile solo act that can be adapted for both stilt-walking and ground-level performances. Step into a world of mystery and sacred offerings. Journey into a mythical world where the veils are thin, and otherworldly characters come to life. Her ruby-red robes and magical staff shine in daylight but really come to life on sunset with LED lighting embedded in the costume and props. Weaving old magic and creativity on a pathway of petals.
Fall under her spell.

WildHoney The Sacrifice Priestess WinterWild Ray Yeo Photography

The Red Priestess & The Fire Effigy

In a dance of fire and flame, the Red Priestess performs an fire-lighting ceremony and rite by the towering Fire Effigy — a rustic metal brazier, set with aromatic bushwood and spices. Harking back to ancient traditions such as Winter Solstice and fire festivals, the audience is invited to dance and participate in a sensory experience and celebration of renewal, joy, and the light’s return.

WildHoney The Sacrifice Priestess WinterWild Ray Yeo Photography

Come warm yourself by the fire.

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