Stiltwalking Mobile Act

Delve down into the darkness. Slip between the veils…
Be transported into a realm of ritual, ceremony and summoning of old magics.

The High Priest and High Priestess is a two-person roving stilt performance that can be performed day or night, but is best suited after dark, indoors or out to a wide audience demographic ranging from children to adults. With eye-catching bone and skull staffs, headpieces and illuminated props, the costumes reference All Hallows Eve, Celtic Samhain and Día de los Muertos – Day of the Dead.
These mythical characters and masters of ceremony are based on ancient Greek Gods and Goddesses, namely Nyx and Erebus. Nyx was said to be the mother of dreams, bringer of light and illumination, and all things mysterious. Erebus was her brother and guardian of the underworld, shadow and night.
Audiences are spellbound.

 There are two costume options for these characters –
Red High Priest/High Priestess (birth)
Black High Priest/High Priestess (death)

WildHoney The Sacrifice Priestess WinterWild Ray Yeo Photography
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